Everyone loves watching short insightful documentary stories!

Since 2014, my 3MinuteStories have helped startups & non-profits sell more, hire better , reinforce brand-values, raise funds and create awareness about issues.

You can reach out to me at Amrit@3MinuteStories.com or Vatsa@ProtonMail.com. Yes, that’s right – my name is Amrit Vatsa.

Other than commissioned video-work, I also create personal projects, sometimes highlighting what it is to be an artist in India, and at other times sharing how everyday Indians help those in need.

If you are just an individual who loves watching such video-stories, do follow me on my Youtube Chanel and/or the 3MS instagram account.

Other than a film-maker, I am a photographer, a digital artist, a web-comic creator, a blogger/writer and a part time music producer. Many years ago I studied at an IIT (2003-08) followed by few years of corporate life as a management consultant(2008-12) in the space of infrastructure / investments, working across India (mainly Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Ahmedabad, Mumbai & Delhi – with few trips to London, US & Canada).

When not shooting, I live in Goa (India) – moved here in 2013. For almost two weeks every month, my assignments keep me traveling across India – both urban and rural, even out of India at times. Of course that lifestyle is on hold right now as we all live under the pandemic situation. Dropping an email is the best way to reach out to me. You can ping me on LinkdIn too.