Comparing lights for video-interviews

This video is only useful for those who shoot video-interviews and are confused with the various options available (from a simple CFL to a costly LED light).

You can buy the CAME-TV lights from their website. They ship from China so I don’t know if you will still receive them with the India-China thing going on presently. I had got mine much before the current situation arose.

The Yongnuo ones, just search on Amazon and you will find them. The models are – YN360 and YN300.

By Amrit Vatsa

My name is Amrit. Other than 3MinuteStories I create several other kinds of insightful videos and publish them on my Youtube channel. I am also a photographer, a digital artist, a web-comic creator, a blogger/writer and an aspiring music producer. Many years ago, I studied in an IIT and worked as a management consultant. Today, when not moving around for my shoots, I live in Goa. To reach out to me, email: or

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The video is so well made! I know this wasn’t the point of the video but I kind of watched it for how well made it was more than for wanting to know about the lights

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