Tips on moving to Goa

I have made few videos trying to understand from different people who moved to Goa, why they did so. Also, what are some of the learnings that others contemplating on making the move, may find useful?

Below is my perspective (put on record in 2018; had moved with my wife in 2013).

Yes you see me talking to myself above. What can I say – I am a good editor! 😛 Anyway, so in the above video Princy & I talk about our “experimental” move and the pros and cons of living in Goa.

By the way if you run a company and wondering if it’s possible to move your entire setup to Goa, then the videos that I have made might not be that useful. But you can listen to Shruti of Chaipani (Spotify podcast). She explains her reason to move to Goa and how it worked out.

Ok, back to my series. Below is a solo woman’s perspective.

Vani talks about the therapeutic effect moving to Goa had on her. She also talks about women-safety.

Below is a young family’s perspective (they had been in Goa only for a little over one year, when the below video was shot).

Amongst other things they talk about how they decided which part of Goa to pick for living.

I ended the series after making the above three videos, because I thought almost all perspectives were covered. I still think so (writing this in 2020).

Many on Youtube leave comments asking more questions – some specific, some general.

But I am not a Goa relocation consultant or anything.

I can only share my story, or help you see other people’s stories. I cannot tell you what will work for you, what will not. You need to figure that out for yourself.

Having said that, the idea of this page is to put together a small FAQ – because irrespective of what I say, people will continue to ask me questions. Next time, I will just direct them here and if there is anything new to add – will keep on updating (if you have questions, leave them in the comment).

What is the cost of living in Goa? (2020)

  • In Panjim / Provorim (urban neighbourhoods) you can get a good furnished 2 BHK from 20k to 30k. If it’s shabby / non-furnished /not so good loacality, even less than 20k (though very difficult to get anything for less than 15k). If it has sea-view and all that jazz, upwards of 40k. It’s relatively cheaper in non-urban areas. Flat & Flatmates FB page is a good place to explore rental rates.
  • A part-time maid / cook could cost anywhere between 5k to 10k (also depends on locality).
  • Transportation cost = fuel cost (which is cheapest in India); public transport is virtually non-existent and taxis are the most expensive compared to rest of India (no Ola/Uber)

Is it a good time to move to Goa (pandemic and all that)?

  • I would recommend making a move next year (2021). Cases and death toll are on the rise and are likely to peak only by Oct-Nov. So that means, if you move before that, you are more likely to get infected / die of Covid than if you move later. But life is not that important to everyone, so sure, do as you please! Death rates in Goa are better than national average anyway.

What about them who moved to Goa, lived here for a while but eventually moved out? Any insights to be had from them?

Are there some areas that are more pet-friendly than others?

  • None that I am aware of. If you saw the third video you would know it’s not easy. Some owners are khadoos and others are quite cool. Just let your broker know that you have pets so that your time is not wasted in looking at houses where pets are an issue.

Goa is pretty large – which part of Goa should one choose to move to?

  • This question has been answered in the all the three videos. Different people make different choices. There is no right answer. Best is to spend a week or two in Goa and figure this out for yourself. I can think of the following considerations:
    • Fast internet – urban centres (Madgaon or Vasco in South, Panjm / Porvorim in centre, Mapusa in north)
    • Proximity to airport – South or Centre
    • Independent houses for cheap in the woods / nature – any non urban part (either in south or north)
    • Proximity to best beaches – anywhere other than centre
    • Access to max upper middle class buyers – Panjim