3MS startup video-story contest – closes 20 Sep 2019

Video-stories are super useful, especially for a startup (see the below example).

Video-stories can boost your efforts to raise funds, attract talent and sell your service / product.

Here’s your chance to get a free video-story on your startup!

If you are a bootstrapped startup, with less than 12 employees, you can apply for the “3MS startup video-story contest”. Five winners will get a chance to feature in a 3MinuteStory (3MS) each. 3MS (3minuteStories) is my brand of documentary style short-video.

Just fill the below form before 20 Sep 2019 – or, if for any reason, the form doesn’t go through – you can also email me the answer to the form-questions (amrit@3minutestories.com, avatsa@gmail.com)

3MS startup video story contest


  • Deadline to apply: 20 Sep 2019
  • Selection announcement date: 30 Sep 2019.
  • Shooting period: Oct- Nov 2019.
  • Publishing period – Dec 2019-Jan 2020

Selection Criteria:

  1. How interesting the final video-story may come out to be – many otherwise great stories (on paper / in a talk) do not always translate well to a documentary style video (for various reasons).
  2. How much variety can be showcased via the five films – for example, it would be odd to make say 3 films just on healthcare tech product. So basically if you are in a sector from where too many startups apply, you may have a tougher chance.

About 3MinuteStories.com

I – Amrit – started this platform in 2015 after making a career shift (IIT/management consulting background). Most of my work is commissioned where startups, companies, universities, schools, non-profits etc. hire me to help crate video-stories of different kinds, serving different purposes. I have made over 50 films since starting 3MS.

If you are a funded startup, and don’t qualify to apply for this contest, you can always hire me. The typical fee for one 3MS is ~1.5 lakh + GST (for any city in India). Below is another example of a video-story that I recently created for a startup (from IIT Madras).