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Being an artist – DJ Zameer

DJ Zameer pinged me on Facebook one day. He asked me to consider him for the next subject of my BAA (Being an artist) series. Is DJing an art? I asked myself.

I guess in my head, I never looked at DJing like that – an art-form. But what is a DJ if not an artist ultimately?

This 3 Minute Story is from the few hours that I spent with Zameer in the second half of 2019. He showed me around his rented house in Anjuna (where he also demoed his fancy blue light setup) and then took me to a gig where he performed.

He shared with me stories of where he grew up, his earlier corporate jobs, the politics of being a DJ in Goa, the struggles to make money – especially in the first year, and his approach to living life.

‘After ambition ends, then peace begins’, he shared with me during the video interview. That’s why he has avoided having fixed targets in life, he explained.

I hope watching this story brings you some peace. What you do with your ambition, I leave that to you.

I am looking to document lives and thoughts of more artists.

Share this story with artists you know? I’ve expressed my motivation behind this ‘Being an artist’ series in some detail here.

I know we are living under pandemic times. Shooting may be on hold for the months to come. That shouldn’t stop me from at least building up a pipeline of artists to document though, right?

The two other stories already published in this series are on Nimmy – a ceramic / terracotta artist and Waylon – an installation artist (also a landscape designer). Hope you see / have seen them too.

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Being an artist – Waylon D’Souza

This is the second video that I created for my Being an Artist series. Hope you like it.

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Being an artist – Nimmy Joshi

This is the first video in my ‘Being an Artist’ series. The plan is to meet more artists, with different experiences, from different genres, of different genders, beliefs, and put out their stories, their way of life.

There is no one way of being an artist. And being an artist is a valid, genuine career / lifestyle choice. The idea of this ongoing series is so reinforce this perspective.

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