Top ten

In no particular order…

Above is special because a) the message (from 2016) is still valid and b) it was my first viral video.
Special because this was my first 3MinuteStory
There is an old world charm about this film. Created this as an art project from a month long stay in a Himachal village (2016).
My first proper investigative “10 min” film.
I am still super excited about the idea of this project. I was commissioned by a non-profit to shoot this.
It’s rare when a corporate video is heart-warming. This video is. I was commissioned by a solar startup to make this.
Special because Arvind Gupta will always be inspiring. I made this film before he was awarded the Padmashri.
I just think this is one of my best social-work story. I was hired by a non-profit to make this. It’s a must watch.
This is one of my most watched 3MinuteStories on Youtube. I think the story comes alive because of the personality of Jeeveshu. There is something upbeat about him.
This is a film I made on myself – focusing on my wedding photography philosophy. It was supposed to be just a placing video for my site – but it became even more popular than Jeeveshu’s (almost half a million views).

So these are my top ten 3MinuteStories. But I have two more favourites, let me just list them below.

Everything is fab about this story – the location, the subject, the mission. Just everything.
The video title tells it all.