3MinuteStories has helped startups in hiring, sales & brand-building.

Not just startups, but companies that have been around for a long time too. But mostly startups.

First two examples are on hiring

Example 1 – Setu (fintech)

  • Main purpose – hiring (so audience was prospective applicants)
  • Video content – company philosophy + super broad product overview

I helped a fintech startup Setu, help explain what is it that they do / plan to do (at a time when they had less than 10 employees but had secured funding and were in the process of expanding rapidly).


Setu mainly wanted a video like above that they could use in their overall effort to attract the best talent out there in the industry . When many haven’t heard of your brand, it’s not an easy task. This video came handy to them. I was able to put together the voice-over and storyline after recording a candid style interview of the two co-founders.


Example 2 – Hyperverge (AI startup)

  • Main purpose – hiring (same as Setu)
  • Video content – origin story & company vision (former explains the latter)

I made a bunch of videos for Hyperverge. The above is one of them. The primary objective of all this video was to communicate how the ‘vision’ of the company has evolved based on the journey the company went through. It was important for the co-founders and early employees of Hyperverge that this understanding is easily accessible to every potential techie applying for a job at Hyperverge.

I worked with the team to go ahead and create another internal 30min+ video which further details out the above philosophy – that the company uses at a more advanced stage of interviewing (compared to the above video which sort of serves a primer and is easy to watch and understand for even a general audience).


Example 3 – iDC (ed-tech)

  • Main purpose – sales
  • Video content – short product overview


I have created several short documentary style videos for Ayush, the founder of iDreamCareer. Each video had a different focus. The one that you see above was created specifically as part of the marketing material that iDC could use to target schools. I spent almost a week in Jaipur, observing and documenting Career Counselors from across India as they used the systematic approach developed by iDC to guide the students and their parents.

If you watch the video, you will notice that after few minutes it gets a little long and almost ‘salesy’ towards the end – that was by design. When the target audience are school teachers and principals and such stakeholders, one can still retain their attention, especially when the opening and the beginning relies on solid honest storytelling approach. A video like this will most likely not go viral on YouTube but when a company shows it to schools, it becomes a super effective tool after which say any presentation can be delivered. Ayush confirms that this video has been super effective for them.

Some of my other work for iDC involved making a 3MS on what happens in their Career Counseling training workshop and how being a Career Counselor is a great career option in itself.