3MinuteStories has helped startups sell more!

There are various kinds of videos that a company can make and distribute to boost its sales efforts.

A short documentary video (with real customers) often gives better results compared to a scripted ad + it is usually much cheaper to produce.

The salesy work that I have done so far has been either in the agri or in the edu / edu-tech space (may be because these typically are sectors where one can show the impact on customers).

All the four examples below are some or the other variation of the following format: a. customer story + b. testimonial + c. broad & quick product-overview

Example 1 – Bharat Agri (agri-tech, B2C)

Bharat Agri essentially wanted to empower its onground sales team with a ‘testimonial video’, but one that was more than just a compilation of testimonials.

They already had some basic testimonial type videos that they were using in events etc. They wanted me to help them up their game. By the way, both the co-founders also happen to be my juniors from IIT Madras.

We decided to go with the “client journey” format. That’d enable us to not just offer enough ‘testimonials’ but also present a quick overview of how the product worked.

Towards the end, we also thought it’d make sense to show the co-founders themselves in the video – talking about why they do what they do. When the farmers would see this video-story, they could sense the genuineness of the folks behind Bharat Agri, that was the idea.

Nothing was scripted. The entire video was created from raw interviews and b-roll footage of farmers at work.

A one minute cut of the above video was promoted by the company and has over a million views today, on its Youtube channel.

You can also check out the fun Behind the Scenes (BTS) footage on this page.

Example 2 – Edtech (B2C)

Will write more about this.

Example 3 – Education (B2B)

Will write more about this.

Example 4 – iDC (Edtech, B2C)

Will write more about this.