I am Amrit; I make these 3MinuteStories

Amazing people are doing amazing things. Their stories must be seen and heard so that we can learn about new stuff and get inspired. I, Amrit, create short documentary films (typically of 3 minutes) to bring out such stories. Companies, startups, non-profits, schools, universities hire to me tell their stories or the stories of those they impact. I also find individuals who inspire me and tell their stories pro-bono.

If you are thinking of getting a documentary style video done, you can write to me: amrit@3minutestories.com (avatsa@gmail.com)

My fee starts from INR 1.5 lakh (~USD 2100) that typically includes one time travel to any one location in India (travel needs to be paid for separately for international assignments). Organizations also hire me for video-series (if it’s part of a bigger campaign), in which case you should have a budget of anywhere between 3 to 10 lakh. My editing studio is based in Goa (where few creative individuals work for me), but my shooting work keeps me in different parts of India (and world) throughout the year.

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Great work —Great thought — All the Best — Story told so simple is very tough job. Good luck with lots of work — May be catch sometime — Vijay Chaitanyam

Amrit, Your idea is superb, quitting the video game playing (though it is very interesting) and starting a new, useful venture. Really you have courage and guts. Salute to your alma matter. Hats off. Go ahead.
And one thing i would like to appreciate, is your writing, narration style. It seems you are a born journalist ( but you are ‘out of the box’ type) .
God bless you
Kathaperumal Parimanam

Amrit bhaii…
Really superb work bro… seriously you never stop amazing us..
All the very best wishes for everything ahead.

I really liked the way you created the 3 packages and the thought process and transparency behind it. Your website and concept is very interesting. All the Best. Keep it up.

Fantastic Concept Amrit, Great !! We need honest people like you with clear views. Can you also include some animation in the videos? Hope to work with you sometime.

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