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Can startups help solve the Financial inclusion issue in India?

India has a long way to go before it can call itself financially inclusive. Even for basic financial needs like a loan, insurance or better investment opportunities (than gold), the poor (technically middle-class – the cooks, drivers, vegetable sellers etc.) don’t have access like the rich.

One of the primary reasons they don’t have this access to financial products is because the quantum that they typically need is of low-value, ranging from say few hundred to just few thousand rupees. This 3MinuteStory is on a fin-tech startup – Setu – that tackles this problem head on.

The story structure emerged mostly as a interviewed Sahil, the founder, on a Monday morning in Bangalore. I interviewed not just on-camera but off-camera as well (a lot). In fact, before I added visuals, I created a blank cut with just interviews, music, gaps and my voice-over (given the technical nature of the problem and solution been explained). It took a bit of iterations to add the visual layer, relying mostly on shots of the Setu team working on their laptops and having discussions with each other (some arranged just so that I could get video footage :P). When I was editing this story, some of my earlier footage from a village came in handy too. There were parts where I thought an animation could bring out the concept better and so I went for it. Setu’s design team helped me refine the animation quality once we had the almost final cut. And for some parts, I just licensed stock footage!

This video-story was commissioned by Setu. You can write to me at or to commission me to make similar video-stories.

By Amrit Vatsa

My name is Amrit. Other than 3MinuteStories I create several other kinds of insightful videos and publish them on my Youtube channel. I am also a photographer, a digital artist, a web-comic creator, a blogger/writer and an aspiring music producer. Many years ago, I studied in an IIT and worked as a management consultant. Today, when not moving around for my shoots, I live in Goa. To reach out to me, email: or

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