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How do you make a wheelchair tourist in India happy?

Earlier this month (Apr 2017), Umoja, a travel portal focused on ‘accessible’ travel, organized a week long event in Goa where I got to meet few wheelchair tourists who had found a great reason to be happy about being in Goa. You might think everyone is generally happy about being in Goa anyway, but watch the story first! 🙂 You will know what I am talking about!

Talking about this film, I would have loved to shoot how these guys went about setting up the special ramp but unfortunately I came to know about this event only after all that had already been done! 🙁

By the way, there is an interesting (and inspiring) article on Yourstory, on one of the protagonists of my story . If you liked the 3MS, you can read more about her. As usual, if you are doing something interesting yourself that I can come shoot and tell your story, or if you want to sponsor one of my stories, do reach out to me:

In May first week, I am flying to Kochi to capture the story of the blind football players of India! Will keep you guys posted!

By Amrit Vatsa

My name is Amrit. Other than 3MinuteStories I create several other kinds of insightful videos and publish them on my Youtube channel. I am also a photographer, a digital artist, a web-comic creator, a blogger/writer and an aspiring music producer. Many years ago, I studied in an IIT and worked as a management consultant. Today, when not moving around for my shoots, I live in Goa. To reach out to me, email: or

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